Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year and Passing of a Great Friend

So, here I am, in DaGirls Rv II, with Dakota and Tilly. 2017 has started out with a – not so great a bang. Well not really a small one. You see, one of my very good friend has passed away. 5 months from retirement. Andy Stramiello, who was only a year older then I am.

Andy was just one of those guys who never complained, especially when, we as men or women should. I will not go into great detail, but sad to say, it was like the movie “Perfect Storm”. Everything seem to work against him this pass week (Dec 23 – Dec 31). Andy’s condition deteriorated to the point that life for him would not be what he would have wanted. On Friday, family and friends gather and discuss what his life would be like. Elise may the ultimate decision, to suspend life support.

Services will be held this week, it is good that Susan is returning on Wednesday, in time for everything. 

On Saturday, many of us gather to rejoice in Andy’s life, marriage, children, and his career as a Aerospace Engineer. It was during the New year celebration, that the champagne was open to celebrate the New Year and Andy (9:00 MST) 12:00 EST that Andy passed on. He joined the many great golfers, family and friends in Heaven.

As I write this, I cannot remember the day we met. Somehow we ended up as a four-some and from that day on, we were enjoined. To play as many rounds as we could together, along with Jim. We were similar to the 3 Musketeers, we played together in the company tournaments. Went to Green Valley for the 2 days of golf and everywhere else. Even when there were no tournaments we would get together and play golf. 

While writing this, I started searching through my photos. I then realized that all the pictures, I had were on film. Due to issues, I loss most if not all of those photos. 

I cannot speak for the Family except to say, both Susan and I have face this same situation with the loss of a close one or friend. 

To all of you, who keep putting off retirement, stop what you are doing and think, Is this life really worth it ? All the while dreaming about retirement? Dreaming what you are going to do in retirement?

I cannot stress the importance, of this. Do whatever it takes to retire as soon as you can. Meaning even if selling your perfect home, down-sizing, eating hot-dogs and beans, to get out of debt.

DO WHATEVER IT TAKES, if you don’t, then you may miss out on the Greatness adventure of your life. 

For Wayne and Kathy, they are looking for this year to be a great year. Better then 2016.

For Elise, 2017 will be the year, that she loss the greatness love of her life.

Susan and I, be the best friends and lovers to each other.

Renew friendship, but with the understanding that we are now traveling in different circles. Those same friends, will now understand that friendship is more important to us then canceling an engagement and seeing a movie instead.

Safe Travels and Journeys