Saturday, November 5, 2016

Sunshine Acres Children Home - Back in Az.

Ok, we have landed at Sunshine Acres Children Home in Mesa, Az. Some of you will remember when we were here in 2014 for the winter months. We stayed until it was time to leave for the rally in Casa Grande.

We have settled into site #4, facing east and slightly north. Della & Tilly were happy here and now Dakota is here enjoying the peace and large areas to run.

So, what will be our assignment? Possible working in the warehouse (no thinking for this), help with truck pickups, (again no brains) or possible working with maintenance group (this requires some brains cells to be on the job).

So what will it be, we’ll find out on Tuesday, and  go forward from there.

How much work? 30 hours total for us. That could be 15 Hrs. each, or any combination. We are thinking why are we doing this? Do we need to do it? No, but it does provide a chance to keep our minds and bodies busy, which at our age we all need to do.

You can learn all about Sunshine Acres here

On to more important things. What is so important that you have to interrupted my train of thought??....Dakota, Tilly how are they doing, great except for Tilly, she is wearing the cone of shame, as she will not leave her stitches alone.

As I write this Dakota is laying on the floor, resting. She has found her lost energy, her voice, which came out of now where. And now she is learning that maybe we are the boss around here. Just stay tuned on this same channel to see what is happening.

Ok, lets get back to what's going on: Friday night was Grand-children Soccer:

Just to let you know Dakota,, loves her other chair.

Kathy and Wayne stopped over, Wayne is looking good. Smile back on his face.

This is always a good closing photo - Della always new what to say.

Safe Travels and Journeys