Friday, October 28, 2016

Life with and without a Chocolate Lab

First, there is life without a chocolate lab. But, who would want to do that? Not us, as with a pup, life can be so exciting and fun. Especially with a Chocolate. A dark chocolate at that.

If you been seeing the FB posts you have realize that Dakota has been trying out new things to do. She found she has a voice, she has big paws, she can jump with ease. She can sit up if you put your hands out. She is all of our pups rolled into one. She walks well and when she is done she grabs her leash and heads to the Rv. Right to the door. Even if she has to pull you along.

Her voice?, Well last night we had company over, Those Young Guys AKA Lisa and Norm Young.

Off she went into the Rv, right to her chair, showing Lisa how it is done. Then what  happens later? We hear this bark, what bark, she wants back out to be with everyone. No different then Della, except he wanted us to come back into the Rv.

Once Lisa and Dakota met, it was like --- I lovvvvvve you Lisa, please rub me.  Right there, that it’s, that’s the spot. It was love as first rub.

So, back to the moment, where are ? We started in Verde Valley Rv Resort a Thousand Trails Camp ground. Then when we heard Lisa and Norm were coming into Dead Horse State Park and suggested we get together. Susan found us a spot and we moved over.
So last night was all about learning what each of had been doing, learning about new places, things to do and people to see. Learned a little more on Turbo Waste gate from Norm and a few more tid-bits on CAT engines.

Lisa and Norm will be in the East Valley for Nov. visiting family and friends. Ft McDowell Mountains and Usury Mountains area.  So, if you are around, give them a call and stop by.

Another new Bus Conversion was seen the other day:

This is what NOT TO DO when you park your RV.

A few photos of the area including DaNew Rig in DaSpot.

While up the National Forest, David and I went on a short 4 mile hike to Potato Lake. Sign posted, No Camping, No Parking, No Motor vehicles. Just walk by.

1 final photo, you know how it is when you take a camera with you for that special photo? Well for whatever reason you always forget to take the correct lens or a spare camera with a different lens:
In this photo you cannot see Him, but to the left of the electrical box and above the 2 rocks is a Roadrunner.