Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving with Family

So, this year we were invited to Turkey day with Eric, Laura, Colin, Owen, Sydney and Miles. We also met Laura’s Grandmother, Louise the Great and brother. Brea,  Isreal, Mary and David, Laura’s mother and father also attended the festive occasion. I wish I had taken photos of the wonderful family group.

We also met Steve a very close friend of Laura’s who works with her on various projects.
Food prep and execution was excellent as Laura outdid herself. Well, I could not tell for sure, as this was our first time for the holiday, as we always seem to be in different parts of the US. Anyway, the food was excellent.

We spent many hours talking and listening to various conversations. Susan and I hope to spend more time with them.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving Holiday.
Dale, Susan, Dakota & Tilly