Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hickory Knob State Golf and Resort Park

Ok, I went and played a round of golf. Yes Don, talked me into it. Where did we play? 

Hickory Knob State Resort Park. And Yes they have a very nice 18 hole golf course. 

And yes we played the whole thing. Being away for over a year, made me wonder if I would do bad, ok, good or even very good? Well, if I had a 57 degree wedge, I would have shaved another 5 stokes off of my 101. I put 2 balls into the water, 1 was a slight draw and the other, I pulled a 6 instead of the 9 iron. And drove it into the water in front of the green. Anyway we enjoyed the day, even if it took 5 hours because of a small tournament in front of us.

Now would I play it again? In a heart beat, as the course is in great shape, good price, discount for 65 and if you stay at the state park. 
Cost, rental, cart and 18 holes? $39. 

Della always knows what to say.

"That's my story and I'm sicking to it"
“SeeYa, Safe and Happy Journeys”

"DaGirls Rv, Me, Della, Susan & Tilly"