Friday, January 8, 2016

DaGirls Rv Windshield Glass

Ok, it's time I restart our blog, so I thought it would be appropriate with this.

Recently, DaGirls Rv needed windshields replaced. We anticipated this action once our Canada, Alaska to Texas trip was completed.

Once we settled down in Sanger Texas, Susan made inquiries into a Mobile RV glass company. Susan contacted our insurance agent and agreed upon Mobile RV Glass (MRVG). This company provided us with a nationwide outlet in case we needed warranty work on the replacement glass.

The day was schedule, people arrived and work was started. We also requested a new gasket in place of the original one, which was 14 years old. The work proceeded as normal until problems arose with both glass replaced. One side was fitted and the other would not seat. 

After 2 hours of this problem, the first thing that was said to us was, your rig has been in an accident. Not a very polite way of inquiry as to IF DaGirls Rv was hit. We stated no, and it has never and we would know about it. Well, do to how late it was agreement was reached to come back after talking to MRVG.

We discussed a solution to our issue and agreed to move the RV to concrete and pull the slides in as they explained this is the proper method. Work was started and guess what? It was better but not quite correct. However since this was a nationwide company and we were headed to Phoenix where the company have a good service tech for issues like this we agree that we would live with this until then. We received a written warranty with assurances that it should be ok until we arrived.

Well guess what? It was only 2 miles from the campground that the glass in the center pops out a little from the gasket allowing wind noise. We stopped 3 additional times that day, to install Gorilla Tape around the glass.

Once we were settled in at Countryside RV Resort in Apache Junction, I sent in to MRVG an email with photos along with a request to see if Auto Boss Glass could perform the glass work. Joe has performed work on many Alfa's including DaGirls Rv in 2013. Brittany informed me that Joe was not an approved technician for their company but Todd Coon of Desert Sun RV Glass would be contacting me shortly.

Todd, call me within 30 minutes and explained his pedigree (work experience). I was very impressed. He then explained without my story, what our windshield was doing. He was right on the mark. We agreed to a date and time.

Upon his arrival, he went right to work showing me the real reason why Alfa along with outer RV's have had issues with split windshields. As it would take me too long to write it up here, so in the future if you see me I would be more than happy to explain.

After 3 hours of work Todd completed the repair and wow what a difference the windshields look. During the job Todd kept explaining and showing to me the reason of why the windshield would pop out. I was very impressed with his job.

Earlier in the week Auto Boss Glass had been in the park to replace Frank and Deanne Rv windshield. Frank and I look at his Rv and then compared it to DaGirls. What a difference in appearances.

Now why am I writing about this? I have found another great resource for Alfa Rv windshield replacement company and need to share with our Alfa family.

So if you are in need of a windshield and are in the greater Phoenix area, I highly recommend Mobile RV Glass as a nationwide glass company, but highly recommend Todd Coon of Desert Sun RV Glass (480.717.1025).

“SeeYa, Safe and Happy Journeys”
"DaGirls Rv, Me, Della, Susan & Tilly"