Friday, January 22, 2016


I don’t know what that says or means, but everyone around here is saying it.

So, what I have been doing ? Anything I want too. As everybody knows I am the Queen around here.

I have been having fun laying on my bed around the fire, getting pets from almost everyone. As I walk around and see my daddy’s and mom’s friends who have come to this rally.

On Thursday, daddy took a 6 mile hike with a guy name Steve, he’s nice but he barks like a dog sometimes: 


I have been getting lots of biscuits from people all over, I have to be pickie though because I can’t have wheat. 

My daddy has been in and out of generators and batteries. He keeps getting swallow up by these white things called RV’s. I’m glad my rv does not eat anyone. I wouldn’t it if he or anyone got swallow up here.

Well, I am taking a nap on the couch now and expect breakfast very soon.

Here are some photos daddy took:


He This is all  I have to say , "That's my story and I', Sticking to it".

“SeeYa, Safe and Happy Journeys”
"DaGirls Rv, Me, Della, Susan & Tilly"