Monday, February 2, 2015

On the road to Casa Grande

Day 1- On the Road
Very short post here.
Susan & I consider ourselves Alfa Stalkers, meaning we are always on the look out for Alfa's. But today the tables were turned as we became the stalked.

Gypsy Runner - AKA Amy & Dave Lambert. we stopped at a rest stop about 90 miles from Casa Grande. Next thing we know a white rig pulls next to us (white box). You know one of those  Freightliner box RV. I am thinking, now why did they pull right next to us, when there is all this room. A man gets out and starts walking round to my window and say's are you Dale? I look at him, look at the rig and ask's him are you Gypsy Runner? Yep we both say.

what a small world as we were both heading east and came to the same rest stop.

Amy and Dave 

 Della's happy as Amy is petting her

The Gypsy Runner's Rig

I am jealous, LOT's of fresh water on board. Room inside for a small army. Patio for the pups in back. MAN CAVE in back - WOW.

That’s it for now
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