Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Catching up with friends

Getting up-to-date with our blog:
I have been remised in not recognizing couples and friends we have met and visited with on our way to Custer State Park.
Jim and Becky Godfrey in Colorado Springs, Co
Quinton Van Gundy in Denver, Co
Darrel and Judy Turner, Longmont, Co

Jim and Becky own a wonderful house at a higher elevation west of Colorado Springs. As seen here in a photo op of their back yard.

I didn’t catch Jim, but Becky found a chair to try out at the RV resort, which is the planned location for the Alfa Roadrunners Fall Rally. I didn’t catch photos of either Duffy or Cody (their 4-legged boys) as they were always on the go.

Quinton is a longtime friend from Connecticut. He being from Goodrich (at the time) and me from Honeywell.  We have been keeping in touch via emails, phone calls and this blog. Quinton has had various careers in his life and has always come up smiling.

One of which is his cooking expertise. Planning is underway for him to visit
Susan & I in Custer State Pk. during the big motorcycle week (Sturgis).

Have Safe Travels and Journeys thru Life.
Remember Life is like a book, unless you turn the page you may never see what is out there.
Dale & Susan, Della & Tilly DaGirlsRv