Tuesday, April 22, 2014

On the Road from Winslow to Santa Fe

Landed in Santa Fe (SF), NM this morning, after leaving Winslow at 5am. Neither one of us could sleep, so we decided to headem up and movem out. Arrived in Santa Fe around 12ish including the time change, (lost an hour).

We refueled in Gallup, NM, took on 50 gals of diesel @$3.79. We have been getting over 7 mpg with the rig. This has included running the generator for few hours. Pretty good considering the hills we have hit.

Once in SF we headed for the Elk’s lodge, #460. This lodge was established in the 1800’’s. They moved into the existing building in 1965, after being in the same building since early 1900. The evidence is seen in the photos inside the lodge. Our host, Ron (PER) was kind enough to show us around the lodge.

While in SF we decided to head to old town and see what was happin. Susan spied a unique set of earrings, which she purchased. The earring is a unique design that the artist, holds a patent on.

As we wander around we located the Loretta Chapel, (Link) the chapel has a very unique spiral staircase. The staircase was built in the 1600’s by an unknown traveling craftsman. What makes it unique is no supporting structures hold it up. The only support is the center column. Originally built with no banisters.  The church is now a museum for all to see. The cost is $3 per person, a must see.

As we continued our wandering, we spied other interesting items, such as the Eagle and Warrior statue. By the looks of it, it is a bronze statue. Sorry Bill, I did not get the artist or store’s name.

 This is the best I can do for the Address of where the status is located:

The shop is located directly across from the Loretta Chapel.
Address in the 201 - 207  Old Santa Fe Trail .

We’ll let you ponder the other photos we took in our wandering of SF, including the inside of the state capitol with 4 floors of artwork in the rotunda and halls including an exhibit by local school children, grades kindergarden/8th grade.

We rounded up our wandering by traveling to the end of the Santa Fe Trail, this is where we will leave you as we need to get back to the rig.

Safe Travels and Journeys thru life