Sunday, April 20, 2014

Standin on the Corner in Winslow Az

Well, we were on Interstate 40 East Bound, and what did we  see but a called Winslow.

Dare say Winslow is a quaint little town, with about 90 trains going thru each day. Boy talk about a lotta of trains. Well we needed a place to stay so we parked ourselves at the local Elk's Lodge for the night ($10 Donation-Electric only). Since we needed a few items and it being Easter Sunday and all (no stores open) we rode our bikes down to the local Wal-Mart for a few items. This is the only Wally World that is on Indian Reservation Land. 

Anyway,  back to our story, on our way to WW, we came across this funny lookin sign in a yard. Saying "Camel Crossing.  Now what the heck do you think a camel would be doing in Winslow.

It seems he came up from see he needed a little R&R, but alas he decided he liked it in Winslow and now he stayin here for good.

Whie walkin around we spied this old catholic church down the street.

And with some pretty impressive signs on the buildings.

Being that I was born on the 20th of April to Mrs Beatrice and Mr Errett Prichard, Sunday was my B-day. I turned 63 that day. So, Susan being Susan off we went to a 5-star dinner in Winslow. What! you didn't know Winslow had a 5-star restaurant? Do a search for La Posada in Winslow, it will impress you. 

 After a good salad what else is wanted but lovely company.

While walking around we spied the famous wall, what secrets were lurking behind this wall?

Nothin other then Susan standin on a Winslow, Az

Even I got into the photo 

Well, it's late and we have to get home as we have a long drive tomorrow, but it wasn't a flatbed ford that slow down lookin at us.

Safe travels and journeys in your life on the road.

Susan, Dale, Della & Tilly