Friday, April 25, 2014

On the Road to Cripple Creek

We opted to take a road trip today. So we packed up the Jeep less Della (Ho-Hum) and Tilly.

Got our GPS, forgot the road-map and off we went. Our destination was Muller State Park and Cripple Creek.

So on the road we go, up the road north west of Manitou springs

Did I mention this is the Colorado High Country - this means snow in some areas. 

Mueller is a Colorado State park. With many camping sites. It sits at an elevation of 9600 Ft. The view from on high are spectacular as you can see from the Photos below. 

Check out the Link to Mueller State Park  . We found out from Becky and Jim they spend time there with there camping club. The sites in back and able to handle a 40Ft Diesel like the DaGirls Rv.

White board on the wall says it all. 

As we checked out the park we came upon this small lake, Susan spied some deer hanging around in the meadow.

Next it was onto Cripple Creek, Co. CC is an old gold mining town, and is still producing gold. 

Link to information on Cripple Creek . As we came into town you can see it off in the distance. As Ipulled over for a photo shot.

Cripple Creek is one of 2 cities which allow Gambling. I dare say that they have more casinos then any other city we have been in. On good days they bus them in from every direction.

Safe travels and journeys.

Dale & Susan 2003 SeeYa1084