Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nice Drive to Parker Dam

Saturday brought forth another beautiful day in Az. Susan and I decided to take a drive along the river up to the Parker Dam.

Along the way we spotted this sign alongside the road. We thought it was neat so we just had to take a photo.

Now our expectations were riding high as we traveled along the road, expecting to see some of the furry 4 legged creatures. We weren't disappointed !
We spotted this one as we drove, hoping to catch a good shot. But alas, just got a front and then rear end.

But as we drove a little further look what we see!

A Wink and a Nod hoping for some carrots.  Wish we had some with us!  Saw several other groups of burros as we continued our drive on the California side of the Colorado River back to Parker.  

Safe travels from DaGirlsRv
Dale, Susan, Della & Tilly