Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Playing catch or really playing in the grass and mud

So, what really happen after July 21, 1 to 2 inches of rail fell in the Sandwich area. First thing we noticed was the pond surrounding out Alfa boat. Luckily we did not need a boat, but a bridge would have helped keep everyone dried. 

After a day, most of the water was down, and I made the decision to stay put. Boy was that a wrong decision, as the very next day, 4.5 inches of rain came down. Now we had 4 to 6 inches on water. So enough was enough, we call Good Sam (GS), and said we needed a tow. Well GS, said we can't give you a tow but we can have you winched out. What a play on words. 

This is where we ended up trying to drive out. 

It took about an hour for the first truck to arrive. Of course, it was not a heavy duty truck, it was a loaded with a large skid-steer. Of course your asking yourself a Skid-steer, what on earth is he going to use that for. Well, he was not really the man with the truck, he was the man with the plan, the second driver came with the truck. 

So, once everyone arrived and the equipment was on hand, they got to work:

Equipment was put in place, the guys were laying out the tow straps, wondering where to put then, so no damage to the Alfa:

The next item was in the equipment into place:

But soon, with Susan at the wheel, he was out and on the road.  Then it was on to a dryer and firmer sight, but that is another story to tell.

Safe Travels fro Dakota, Tilly, Susan and me.
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