Tuesday, August 8, 2017

2nd Day in our Trip to the AIBF 2017

So, lets get to our 2nd day of travel. Our stop today was in the city of SAC City, Iowa. We wound up in the Riverside Campground, located within short walking distance of the historic downtown.

On our walk around, I get the impression, this is the barn quilt capital of Iowa. In Sept. there is a Barn Quilt Fair. Here at the campground, which is very close to the fair ground we see a few more barn quilts. The paint job is still glossy, so someone is keeping them in good shape.

Our first photos were of the campground itself, not all site are satellite friendly, but who needs it, when you are in this great little town, with alot of history.

Our first history photos are of the war memorials located a short walk from the campground.

The memorials stones date back to 1892. Laying the grounds for the Civil War memorials. And continuing to the Korean conflict.  By going to the link below you can read a little more about the historic district.

Historic Square in SAC City

The inscription on this statue was very sombor:
Erected by the Citizens of SAC County, Iowa to the Memory of Her Soldier Heros of the War of the Rebellion

Our next stop was walking downtown to see the world's largest popcorn ball. On our way we saw many wonderful sites, especially this Grand old majestic house. I found out this belong to a former judge.

Once we arrived at the museum of the Popcorn ball we capture a few photos of the area:
The popcorn ball inside a museum, and taking photos, do not do it justice. So press on the link below and you can read and see photos:

Popcorn Ball

tHere are a few photos of the other building around the popcorn ball:

Before I leave you, there is 1 maybe 3 more photos I need to post:

A 3 holer.

So, safe travels from DaGirls, Rv as we make out way to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (AIBF) 2017.

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