Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Round Up of the last few days in the tall pines

Ok, so let's get this show / post on the road. Where exactly is DaGirls at? 
GPS:   34.3968394, -110.721005

​The temperature last 2 (5/15 -5/16) days, with 1 more day left:

While we are keeping warm inside with our Procom Vent-Free Propane heater.

And yes we have been traveling around the areas seeing the many places we have boon-docked in the past. 

​So, what does our day look like ?

Up, make coffee, let Dakota out

​​​Who is waiting outside for Susan and I to come out?

The many hikes with Dakota and Tilly in the area, with Dakota running back and forth checking everything out and hunting for lizards:

One of the nice thing that Dakota does is walk Tilly.

Or the Can Spinners I am making.

Made a few changes to our Solar Controller Display: many of you remember when I ungraded to the Midnite Classic 150 controller. This unit allow's you to add a remote display. Now in the back of my mind, I said, why can't I remove the display and bring it inside.

Well that is exactly what I did. 

Item needed, 6 pin RJ11 connector and 6 wire phone cable. I found a 15 footer pre-made at Fry's Electronics

Removed the cover from the controller, remove the display cover, where I located and removed the 4 mounting screws​. Then remove the display unit. I do need to point out, that the display is a unit by itself. 

Next I installed the cable connector to the controller, replace the cover, routed the cable to the inside of the Rv. At this point I connected the cable to the display and boom. I now have a remote display/controller inside the Rv.

How is our solar system working:

DaGirls Equipment:
Midnite Classic 150, Wizbang Shunt (Getting ready to re-install) Kit
Magnum MS2812 with BMK (Shunt) kit.

Interstate batteries, all controllers have been specifically setup for these batteries. I am not using the standard default setting.

1600 Watts panels, unfortunately panels are a mixed lot:
2, 180w purchase 2012
1, 300w purchase 2013
1, 300w purchase 2014
2, 300w purchased 2016
As you can see purchased over a 4 year period, this means different panels.

Panels shaded in the morning with full sun after 12 noon.
6am, battery voltage 12.4. 74% SOC(BMK)
2pm Reach 100 % SOC.

Here is an excellent example:
Full Sun, 798 watts, started the vacuum cleaner, watts jump to over 1200 watts, voltage was in the 14 - 14. 5 Volt range (Absorption mode). pretty impressive I might say. 

One thing made a big difference in my battery storage/voltage, is the custom charge setup per manufacture specifications. Prior to this, normally (Oct 2016), battery voltage would be in the 12.0 – 12.1 Vdc range.

Another is the addition of the BMK kit to the Magnum. The BMK, once setup, will calculate the charge/discharge current of the batteries. It will take into consideration all charge methods; i.e. Charger, Alternator and Solar, this is why I like this system.
I will be re-installing my Midnite Wiz-bang very soon; it will be fun to see how it calculates and displays current.
I also noted that my system has some deficiencies, which I attribute to the old Vs. new style panels.

A few weeks ago Mike Lynch came to me and asked for help in designing and installing a system. We installed 4, 300 watts panels at a VOC of 40 Vdc, with a current short of 34Vdc. Using a Midnite classic combining box, 2 bulk head mounted re-settable circuit breakers and misc stuff. My guess the total cost less installation was less than $1500. $120, each panel, $650 controller, $110 circuit breakers, another $200 misc's items. And some stuff I had on hand; aluminum angle (brackets), 3 rolls of dicor, cable combiners, and wire.

I was really happy when we turned system on for the first time. The system jump to 800 Watts then dropped down to around 700, before settling down to 500. 

Da​Girls Rv, Traveling Companions Dakota and Tilly

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