Thursday, May 11, 2017

May 10th Update in Cottonwood

Ok, so what has been happening. Well we spent 2 weeks in Apache Junction, getting the Air Conditioner fixed. Mike over at Gene, worked wonders as the compressor blower motor went out, along with the #1 compressor which was bad. During this, Mike replaced the bearing, cleaned and lube.

During this, we ordered a new Atwood Keypad, Drain-Master dump valve, struts for the window awnings, pantograph adapter for the windshield arms along with new fans for the Dometic refrigerator. I also fixed a bad hose on the Twin-Temp. Some was covered by extended service plan some was not.

Everything was finished up on Friday, May 5th. Once completed, we headed north to Prescott Valley. We elected to boon-dock in the Elks parking lot. Will not do that again; or rather we will get a spot in the storage area if we can.

We stayed long enough to complete a solar installation for Mike, and get a gallon of Sierra (Peak Brand) Anti-Freeze. This brand is safe the aluminum tank of the Twin-Temp.

Our next stop was Thousand Trails Resort in Cottonwood, where Dakota had a Dr., appointment waiting for her on Monday, May 8th. Dr. Brady was Della’s vet, during the remaining years of her life. This included her Alaska adventures. He is one of those vets that reminds me of the home town doctor’s that new everyone by name and did house calls.

Ok, so we are planning on leaving for the Apache-Sitgreaves national forest on Thursday. If you have never boon-dock in the tall pines, then definitely this should be on your bucket list. Now we are not talking about in an RV park with other rigs. No I am talking about the forest, where the closest RV could be 25 yards or even 100 yards away. Where you wake up, to the scent pine trees. Or a cool breeze, or the wind whispering thru the trees.

On Wed., Mike Lynch came out and we all headed to Sedona to hike around Bell Rock. In all it must have been over 4 miles. as it took us over 4 hours. Normally i hike in the 3 MPH range, but this was a fun hike.

Anyway safe travels from DaGirls

By the way, if you are heading east out of Payson, give us a call as we are dry-camping up in the Tall-Pines of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest.