Monday, May 22, 2017

Dry Camping, Boon Docking, Solar Oh My.

Here we are, week 2 of camping up in the Tall pines. So far we have gone from cool to cold at night, to snow and now to the real weather for this time of year.
40’s at night with 70’s in the day time. Beautiful. Gorgeous weather, especially for hiking and for Solar.

Since we have been here we have been busy, doing small and large jobs getting everything back to normal. Susan has been busy mending my jeans, shorts, making covers for the mirrors. Cleaning and rearranging the kitchen and pantry.

Me I have finally finished up my Midnite (Solar Controller / Magnum (Inverter / Charger) project. What does this mean? Well cleaning up the area, fitting the cable correctly, installing a new on/off switch for the inverter batteries, to name a few.

I also wanted to re-install my shunt (Wizbang) for the Midnite solar control. The part I was having trouble is both the Magnum and Wizbang are about 4 inches long and need to be in series. This kept giving me location problems.

So, it was time to see what was so different between these 2 shunts. Nothing is different, so I was able to use the BMK (Magnum) shunt for both units, this made it real easy to install and hook up. So now I have real time current readout for both systems.

I also relocated the Midnite display, I just did not like having it out of sight nor did I want to buy a remote display. Some being a "prichard", I moved it.

So, what else has been going on? well our friends B & D, will not make it up here while we are here. So we have decided to head out to Utah, to see the canyons and parks up in that area. From there maybe head to Colorado for a change in elevation and places.

Another interesting experience was / is watching Dakota: she just loves going after lizards, and other small flying inserts near the ground. We watched her on Sunday, she must have seen a lizard or maybe she smelled a mole. She spent over 30 minutes digging a trench the length of her body, trying to locate it.

This is her normal position in the morning, waiting for Susan and I to come out and play. She's that small dot in the center

 This is Dakota, she saw or smelled something, and away she went after it, or should I say duged after it. Now if you look closely, she will move away from the tree to the left.

  As you see she is getting very tired digging. 

 DaGirls Rv, safe and happy journeys