Monday, April 3, 2017

Day 1 Alfa Roadrunner Rally

After a verrrrrry long drive, 75 miles, we finally made it to Rincom West Rv Resort. Susan and I came in the back way, as we were in no specific hurry. Now this is now the normal way a DP would come in as the road is narrow, winding and hilly. But for those of you who don’t mind going slow and easy not a bad way. But we do recommend that most people come in the normal way., Photo Ops ? well I was driving and Susan was, well a little busy, but I promise you better ops later.

Well day one was covered by Tech talk which started at 8 am.
We had a very big crowd along with new and seasoned Rv'ers. Great time was had by all. In all we created 12 sets of the DIY'er Genturi system for our members. Many of our members just jumped right in and started up a production line for all. Mike Smith did and excellent job capturing photos. In fact Mike has been rushing here and there just getting the photos. Great Job Mike. 

This year we have had the largest influx of new members, and last night at the sheriff's dinner proved it. We were split 2/3 seasoned and 1/3 new with many seasoned members attending there first rally. 

Dale, DaGirls Rv II
Traveling Companions, Susan, Dakota and Tilly