Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Turn - Puerto Penasco Sonora Mexico

So, I see Della has been posting what she has been doing. For a chocolate lab, she does a pretty good job of letting everyone know what is going on.
Not bad for a 14 year old. but now it is my turn.

So, where are we really, Puerto Penasco, AKA, Rocky Point, Sonora, MX. For those of you who have never driven to Mexico. This is the place to try, as it is only about 60 miles south of the Arizona border of Lukeville. About 5 hours from Phoenix by car. About 6 to 7 by RV.

Roads are good, people are friendly, and very safe. The biggest issue is Mexico insurance on both vehicles. Please if you drive in Mexico you need the insurance. next, water is ok, but there are many Helios stores in the area. Sam’s Club, Bordaga, SuperLey, ACE, and many other small stores.

There are 3 main Rv parks. Playa Bonita, Playa Del Oro and The Reef. All are full hooks. The Reef has 50 amps, Playa Bonita will install 50 amps on certain sites. There is also a dry camping area which is now open.

Puerto Penasco AKA Rocky Point came about in the 70’s and 80’s, many people from Az would head down here in the summer and stay nd enjoy the beach. In the mid 2000’s it starter becoming a hot spot for condos, resorts and hotels on the beach, and then the bust in 2007. It has never fully recovered. However, it is slowly making it’s way back to a strong Arizona influence especially for snow birds.

There are a few small caravans making there way here from Ajo, as this is close and easy to get there feet wet, so to say.

Ok, so what about the Rv parks. Playa Del Oro is manly older and has limited beach access. Playa Bonita,all the beach front sites are take up to 2019. There beach view sites aka in the center, they call view but really cannot sit and see the ocean. Then the outer wall. Playa Bonita seems to be the most busiest of the 3 for FHU sites. This is mainly due to being closer to town.

Now if you do not mind being a mile further out, there is The Reef, 50 amp FHU sites and larger sites. It is not as full, but has easy access to the town along with easy beach assess and views.

Susan and I are considering making a reservation at The Reef for next year if we can get the front row. We will also consider of leading a small group of Alfa’s who would like to come down.

Ok, a couple of Web Links to Read up on the Rv parks and Puerto Penasco. 

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