Saturday, December 24, 2016

Holidays and Happiness

Dec. 24th Christmas eve, and we are home waiting for the storm to pass here at Sunshine Acres Children home.

Susan is getting packed, as she is heading to Chicago to see Eric, Di, Dana, Mike and all the grandchildren. Scheduled to fly out Monday morning – on a red-eye.

Dakota, Tilly and I are staying where it is warm and cozy, not to say I would not want to see everyone, but Chicago ?? It’s cold there and I have gotten to the point I would rather drive the Rv instead of flying. So off she goes to spend time with the families.

I will continue to volunteer and stay busy while she is away.

So, maybe you were expecting maybe a Christmas  letter? From ME? I just blog about life and what is going on. Big and sad news a close friend, has been taken gravely ill and has been taken to the hospital and put into an induced coma. We understand he will be kept like that for a few weeks. Our hopes and prayers are very high priority for Andy.

So to all of our Friends – May you have a wonderful and beautiful Merry Christmas wherever you are.

Susan, Dakota, Tilly and me.
Happy Holidays from all of us to you.