Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Della, Ghiradella

I write this with a sad heart, but with a happy spirit, I think

Many of you know and remember Della. She along with her sister,Koko, came to be known as DaGirls, and it was their Rv, called DaGirls RV that they allowed Susan and I to drive around and take them on journeys.

This week started out as any other week, Della the Queen, summoned us to her Court to inform us that she was a little stressed and her sore on her cheek was still bothering her and needed to see the vet, over in IN again. But in her usual way, she was willing to always keep us happy, take us for walks.  Even though they were short, she endured them for us. She kept us smiling and ensured we were happy.

But somewhere in our hearts, we knew she was trying to tell us her time was getting short and she wanted to go and see her sister, Koko. We knew and yet we did not want to listen. We kept asking ourselves were we keeping her here for her or us?
Della, in her way, told us that yes she would go to Alaska with us, and then onto Texas and keep us happy while we worked at Amazon. Then back to Arizona, to see family and friends, all the while, fighting old age to keep us happy.

Things will be quite different for us going forward as we adjust without her physical presence in DaGirls Rv. No longer will she be under foot as we try to come into her Rv. Nor will she bring us, one of her babies when we come home. Or crowd us out of her queen size bed, when we go to bed. Nor will she wake us up in the middle on the night, telling us she needs to go outside.

Some people would say, why did you keep her then?  Because she gave us unconditional love. She was always there for us. Giving us her love, no matter how bad she felt. Staying by our side thru thick and thin. She always had a way, of bringing a smile to our faces.

As we get up each day, we will be expecting to feel her by our side in bed, or see her sitting on the love seat, taking up more then her fair share. Or laying on her bed in the middle of the living room, waiting on us, to get her breakfast, dinner or late night snacks.

So it is with our sad hearts that we inform you that Della went home today to be with her sister and to meet our other pets. 

Good Bye, Della, we love you and will greatly miss you