Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Yuma and Tell All

Della, is reminding me it’s time to get back to writing. As we all know, Della is the Queen and reigns supreme in DaGirls Rv.

Ok, so what has happen, weather has warmed up, Della says no way is she talking walks when it is this warm.

We have updated our day/night shades with dual roller day/night shades, made by “Irving Shade and Doors” located in Elkhart, IN. We heard about this small woman owned company in Mesa last year from another Roadrunner member. So this year while in Casa Grande, we called, received an estimate and promptly order our new shades. Because he price was really good.
For complete coach – around $1600.00 complete. Excellent service. So if you are looking for new and reasonable shades contact:     

Once we left Casa Grande, we landed in Yuma at Skip and Lexie’s pad. Great couple and wonderful friends. They recently purchase a dual Rv lot in the Foothills area. This area is called the Islands, due to the many surrounding golf courses. Needless to say, Skip and I (Fric and Frac) have been busy causing mayhem and havoc. In fact we have been leaving without telling anyone we are going. While here, I finally install our Progressive Surge Guard I purchase last year. I bought this unit, from a Rv owner who had never installed it.

Once I started on it,  I found out that the software was out of date. I called Progressive, sent it in, receive a recondition unit with lifetime warranty, within 10 days. Skip and I then spent the better part of Monday morning installing it and making it look like a professional electrician did the job. Needless to say, Skip, provided excellent help, advice and an extra hand or two.

Today (Tuesday) we are going to repair Skip’s VDC. Seems like the early VDC’s have some cold solder joints. Will try and remember to take some photos of the job.

Now many of you belong to the Alfa Yahoo Group forums. Many people your’s include has always ask, Alfa, not Alpha owners, provide name, year, model and serial number of their coach. I for one, have now stated,, that if you cannot do this simple request, then do not expect me to help. Including people who think Alfa is spelled ALPHA. Anyway, this info can help ID the coaches that maybe closely related to that specific build.

Oops, forgot this was Della’s blog, better get her input as she has some words of wisdom:

Della always knows what to say.

"That's my story and I'm sicking to it"
“SeeYa, Safe and Happy Journeys”

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