Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bay Landing RV Resort–Thousand Trails

We landed in B L on Sept 28. we rolled in about 11 am. Signed in, located our spot and proceeded to setup DaGirls Rv.

And just where is Bay Landing Rv resort?

Just southwest of Bridgeport Texas. Which is west of Fort Worth by about 45 miles.

You might asked how come it took you so long to report in? Well, we have been sitting back relaxing. AND doing a good job of cleaning DaGirls Rv, which means even the outside. Yes the outside, for the last day I have been cleaning and waxing her up. Taking my time to make her shine.

Another item I did was clean the storage compartments. Thanks to Dean’s  idea, we had very little dust/dirt from our long journey. What was his idea?  spray every crack, and seam with spray foam. Yes sir that was a excellent one. 

Susan on the other hand decided it was time to clean the refrigerator, and boy did it need it. We found things we thought we had lost. Or she found things I thought I had lost. What a difference a cleaning and organizing makes.

And she has been doing the cabinets along with the compartments.
On the other hand, Della has injured herself. I hope she has only hurt herself. She is going to the Vets, in Spanger  on Monday when we get to our Amazon Camper Force Campground till Dec 23rd. So we will wait and see, see only promised to go to Alaska and back, but we are forever grateful for the time we have with her.

Yep you read correctly, Amazon Camper Force. We decided to sign up and see what happens. We got jobs for 12 weeks. We are excited as this was something we wanted to try out. The Haslet facility is new and has not been opened very long. AND it is short of help. So we’ll see how it goes.
We have also located dog walkers for DaGirls while we are their. So this should be fun.

Tomorrow, Thursday Oct 8th, we are thinking about heading to the Texas State Fair in Dallas. Yep, you read that, to the Fair. 

No new photos, as of yet, least ways what we call special photos. Oh, another, the Camera I used in Alaska & Canada, we returned to Costco for a refund. Why you might asked? We thought you liked it? Yes I did like the Canon T6I, We found a better deal on Amazon, so returned it and ordered the other one. Shipment is schedule for Tuesday next week. 

Including with shipments - is Susan's new sink and faucet, which came in Via General Delivery to the Post Office here. Now, all we need is an installed, as I have never worked with the counter tops in the Alfa.  

“SeeYa, Safe and Happy Journeys”

"DaGirls Rv, Me, Della, Susan & Tilly"