Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Apr 21_On the Road to Somewhere

DaGirls Rv is back on the road again, we left Apache Junction around 10:15 am. We visited our last friends who were still in AJ, this morning. Completed a little business, one last stop at Harbor Freight, can’t be too careful as you never know when you will see another HF on the road.

By the way, I did not mention, on April 20, 1951 at 8:30 CT I came into this world. I turned 64 yesterday. My plan was to enjoy a little company and relax. No dinner plans, no parties just Susan and I. Well like all plans, they go different then you plan. Charlie called and said let’s do lunch with he and Donna, well I just couldn't say no to them, as they are wonderful people to have as friends. I really did want to see them one more time before we left.
As we were leaving Charlie's place, he slipped me a cute card for my B-day and I found something else he had slipped me. Did I mention they are great friends? Anyway we left, Susan and I finished our running around, I dropped Susan off at the rig and proceeded to Wayne and Kathy’s place to retrieve a small box I had stored there. Another great couple, if you ever want traveling companion's, then they are the best. You lead and they will just follow you everywhere.

Kathy,Wayne, Charlie and Donna were planning on taking me to dinner, but I pretty much ruined it, as earlier I said I was dinnered out. So we said our goodbye’s knowingly that we would see each other in the winter.

Later that evening I had the surprise of my life, guess who came bearing Ice Cream Cake? Yep  Kathy,Wayne, Charlie and Donna bringing that Ice Cream Cake. What a surprise, This is truly a great way to end a rally and head out to a new adventure. 

Well we sat around enjoy the cake and talked a little before it was time to say our final goodbyes to each other. Charlie and Donna leave in about a week and will be heading to Colorado to their home 

and Wayne and Kathy are getting ready to leave for Alaska with S.M.A.R.T. caravan group. 

Who knows if the wind blows us right we may see them all during the summer.

Now you might be thinking that was the end, and it was the end. However, I did not tell you the beginning. On Saturday prior to leaving Palm Creek, MaryAnne and Ray 
stopped by the rig bearing a card and gift for Susan and I as wagon masters and for my birthday. Nice surprise, I mean a really NICE surprise, especially since MaryAnne and I have birthdays in the month of April, hers is on the 22nd. 

Ray, handed over some of his spare parts he was giving away. One item was a slide motor which I checked out and it works great. Now I have a spare in case we need one.

Susan and I always say that Alfa owners are a Framily. We all come together in time of need of helping others, to have a fun time together or just a gathering of good friends.

Safe Travels & Journeys
from DaGirls         "Della                     &                Tilly"