Friday, January 10, 2014

Here we are again, back on the road. We landed south of New Orleans on the 8th of Jan in a Louisiana State Park. Who would have guess that an area like this is located just south of New Orleans (surrounded by city and suburbs).
In case you need to check the location is are the coordinates:

N29.8898,  W90.1627
Bayou Segnette State Park, Westwego, LA
The park has 30 and 50 amp of service, water at site along with a common dump.
Sites are large and most are level, each site backs to wooded areas so you aren't on top of neighbors.
Bathrooms are clean.
Laundry machines are provided for free.

So what do you do when in NO (New Orleans), why you take the ferry across the great Mississippi river. The ferry is free, but check operating hours as they change during the year. This is an easy way into and out of NO, quick trip, only about 10 minutes.

Between the ferry and the RTA, there really is no need to drive into French Quarter and downtown area. As you can see we bundled up in the morning as it began cold. But as the day rolled on it became warmer. 


What's the first thing you do when coming to New Orleans? Well that is to go to the Cafe Du Monde for Beignats. Beignats are a power sugar coated donut. They have been a main attraction for many years. I would post a photo, however,  we ate them all. Sorry Marnie, we ate them all.

And, of course,  a walk through the French Quarter streets always reveals the street bands on the various corners. Whether it is jazz or blues you can find the music you enjoy.

Here's another of the street bands we located: This is a short video, most of the bands are on Charles Street. It seems that they allow only walking traffic here.

Along with the stores, cafes and buildings, New Orleans is a place where everyone will find something they enjoy. Whether it is an outside cafe or just enjoying a stroll around the town, it is a pleasant way to spend the day.

While we were driving out of  Algiers we happened to see the"" Tartis.   That would be an English phone booth that Doctor Who uses as his time machine.  Just in case you aren't familiar with that TV series on BBC.  What was doing here? Susan and I can only image. However,  he did allow me to place a phone call.  ET, did you get my Voice Mail?


Finally, do you ever hear a voice inside asking you do something?   We all have hear it, some choose to ignore it, other choose to act upon it.  There is no consequence for choosing to ignore the request. You understand that what is being asked of you is good and honest. Nothing illegal about the request.

So I leave this with you, when that voice asks something of you, do you choose to ignore it or act upon it? By the way, if you act upon it, what can it hurt?

DaGirls RV
Susan, Della, Tilly and me
Safe Travels along the way.