Friday, January 31, 2014

Arrival of Da Girls Rig in Mesa Az

Sunshine Acres in Mesa, AZ

Well we arrived back in Mesa the afternoon of Wed. Jan. 29th. It took us about an hour to get setup. This included meeting many of new our neighbors. We are staying at Sunshine Acres Children's Home off of Higley Rd in Mesa, AZ. We are volunteering here for next couple of months.

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We have removed the kayaks and utility tray from the Jeep.  Planning on installing a new bicycle rack. This should make traveling with them more stable. We covered the distance from Quartzsite in a little over 4 1/2 hours, as we stopped for "Da Girls" at a rest stop and pulled into a truck wash to clean off the dust.  We located a truck wash off of I-10 in Tonopah.   For a $1.00 a ft the Da Girls Rv and Jeep got cleaned of all the sand and dirt.

 We're all setup and ready to entertain, got our worm a flyin in the sky

 We changed our service address to Scottsdale, which enables us to receive the local channels.

We made a run to the 2 local stores one for the  Da Girls and the other for  us

And of course Susan got together with one of her's BFF's for dinner and discussion

David cooked up his wonderful Hamburger's for dinner.

Hey, how about that Superbowl game. One big lopsided game, even the commercials were lame along with the halftime entertainment. We spent the time over at the Stram's family gathering. We have great time along with entertainment of the children. 

 One of the reason we still like Az. is because you can't beat the Sunsets.

Safe Travels from

Dale & Susan, Della & Tilly, Da Girls Rv03 SeYa#1084