Sunday, January 19, 2014

Coordinates Location: N33.63870, W114.19362

Alfa Roadrunners Chapter
We have arrived in Quartzsite, AZ, along with many thousands of others RV'ers, who head to Quartzsite to dry camp during the winter  when temperatures are moderate. Large swaths of desert are free to use with very few restrictions. 

Long-Term Visitor Areas
The La Posa Long Term Visitor Area has four sections. As of 2012, campers pay a flat fee for 14-day stays or for up to a seven-month stay from September 15 through April 15. The fee includes a campsite, potable water, a dump station and trash collection. The camping areas parallel Route 95 south of Interstate 10. The La Posa North and West sections are within walking distance of the RV show venue if campers set up close to the road. The South and Tyson Wash sections are farther south on Highway 95.

Free Camping

The Bureau of Land Management operates five free camping areas outside of Quartzsite where stays are limited to 14 days in a 28-day period. After 14 days, campers pack up and move to another area. A few spots that are posted as “No Camping” are off limits. The Plomosa Road area is about 5 1/2 miles south of town. Hi Jolly is about 3 miles north of Quartzsite. Dome Rock Mountain, 6 miles west, is accessed by the Dome Rock exit of I-10. Scaddan Wash, 3 miles east of town, is south of the frontage road, and Road Runner is 5 miles south on Highway 95.

Alfa – Roadrunner Chapter
Doug and Wendy Ferguson are the Wagon Masters, along with Ray Balzer, Sharon, and Sven Novion  as Co Wagon Masters. As you see, the morning sunrise has the WOW factor. 

As we pulled into the area, we spotted over 20 Alfa rigs along with some other brand (SOB), returning friends, along with new Alfa owners. As you can see from the photos many rigs have arrived.

The mornings are started out with Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, AND the Quartzsite famous donuts. The donut shop has been in "Q" for many years. They are known for their famous treats. You can always find many locales arriving for their fixes of coffee and donut in the morning.

Susan's input:  While here during the Big RV show we will have a grueling schedule of morning donuts, shopping, happy hours, campsite dinners, lots of visiting with old friends and making new ones, more shopping, etc....The boys will be spending many hours with their head under the hoods, we will have visitors - Joe, the glass guy, Mac- the fire guy, awning repairs and more.  Today we will make an outing to the Desert Bar - understand that is a site not to be missed.  More to follow in the days ahead....

Nothing is like taking a trip to the desert bar. The desert bar is located about 8 miles from Parker, AZ. 5 of these miles are on a dirt road. 

Did I mention that the desert bar is in the desert?

Whoever lives here is one good welder. It seems he has alot of spare time.

One of the many visitors that was not interested in the bar scene. I really don't blame him, as I can relate 
to the noise and many people in the area.

As the last few years have gone by, they have added to the structures. You wonder where the zoning board is. Definitely NOT ADA COMPLIANT.

One of the many scenes of the people crowding the area on multiple levels.

We were also under the watchful eyes of the NSA. 
(Small gyrocopter flying over the area)