Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Alfa Roadrunners Quartzsite Rally 2014

Well another Quartzsite rally has come and gone. When Susan and I arrived there were 26 rigs lined up. What a site to see. As we approached our landing area, we spotted many people already out and about. The wagon masters were busy setting up, organizing and greeting everyone as they arrived. As the day progressed groups of people milled about greeting old acquaintances and introducing themselves. By the time Happy Hour arrived everyone had become fast friends.

Susan and I met many new Alfa owners, some new or first time Roadrunners. Some of whom had traveled as far away as British Colombia.

Members in attendance
Doug & Wendy Ferguson (Wagon Masters), Sharon & Sven Novion (Co-Wagon Masters), MaryAnne (In Hawaii) & Ray Balzer (Co-Wagon Master).
Dan & Arlene Harris, John & Fran Kurz, Roger & Kathy Hewlett, Dale & Hedda Sather, Bob & Denise Gray, Woody & Sharon Woods, Dean & Nica Johnson, Charlie & Paula Gray, Dan & Barb Bridges, Mike & Lorraine Lynch, Joe & Betty Choate, Armand and Irene Mercier, George & Robin Minder, Ed & Ruth Newman, Mel & Lanny Elfring, Frank & Deanna Jones, Brent & Carroll Rouse, Marty & Patty Langsam, Terry & Karla Noble, Jim & Dorthey Collard, Bill & Anita Herrick, Bud & Jan Serpa, Jerry Logan and Susan and I.

Morning Adventure
The morning always began with coffee and donuts. Sharon and Sven did a wonderful job of getting the coffee ready and on the table by 7AM and the men of camp stepped up and took turns with the donut run.   Next came getting the morning fire going.

Dean was always quick to get the fire going in the morning. Starting the fire was exhausting and followed by resting by the fire, as seen here in this photo.

The weather was wonderful all week, even when we had a cloudy day, as seen here.

As witness here the views in the morning were spectacular.

Roadrunners Business Meeting
Susan informed everyone on the latest membership numbers and financials as provided by President Joe Hughes and Treasurer Val Nelson.  She also shared an update on Val’s recovery after her recent surgery.

Big Tent Draw
As always there is the Big Tent RV Event held in Quartzsite. This year was no exception, and many of us came home with something.

Solving problems
During this time we helped solved various problems on the rigs. One of our members woke up one morning with no heat, after the T-stat was changed, still no heat.  A few morning’s without heat and he requested some assistance.   We were able to get his propane heater up and running.  Another member was waking up to Very-Low DC voltage on their refrigerator and inverter batteries.  After conversing, we first determined that his 02 only has 4 batteries.  We proceeded to check batteries and found them to be bad. During the installation of new batteries we re-wired his 2 separate banks into 1 with the battery Neg going directly to the Black on the Xantrex. This solved most of his problems, except for the Low DC on his refrigerator. The Low DC volt only came on when the propane heater came on. We believe this may be caused by a bad connection on the terminal next to the appliance 20 amp fuse (#7). We hope to hear back soon.  This event allows us the opportunity to get under the hoods and check out and help each other. 

One of our new members (bought their Alfa 1 year ago), spent time time upgrading his Inverter/Charger to Pure sine wave And install the 330 Amps AGM batteries. This goes along with hie 1600 Watts of Solar. Awesome system.

Desert Outing
Nothing is like taking a trip to the desert bar.  It is located about 8 miles from Parker, AZ., five of these miles are on a dirt road. 

Did I mention that the desert bar is in the desert?

Whoever lives here is one good welder. It seems he has a lot of spare time.

One of the many visitors that was not interested in the bar scene, I really don't blame him, as I can relate to the noise and the crowds.

As the last few years have gone by, they have added to the structures. You wonder where the zoning board is.  Definitely NOT ADA COMPLIANT.

A quick shot from above the bar.

We were also under the watchful eyes of the NSA.  (Just kidding…Small gyrocopter flying over the area)

Pancake breakfast
Of course what is a Quartzsite Rally without the special Pancake Breakfast?

Bud and Sven were at it serving up their wonderful pancakes. Bud, picture above was one of the original Roadrunners. These days he pulls an Avion, however his Alfa is still in good shape and is used as a guest residence. Way to go Bud.

Sausages being cooked up on the Griddle by many helpers

You can see the results of Sven and Bud’s creation “Pancakes on the griddle “.

Food ready to be served

And Dean is ready for his pancakes and sausage. 

Special Days
And if you were quick you would have seen our local hair stylist in her element.

Della took her human out for many morning walks.

Sweet Pie

Another little oddity is Sweet Pie AKA Paul Winer, the link poster below leads to a story by The Phoenix New Times.

This was his fourth concert in Quartzsite.  A few of us who were still in the area attended this event held on Tuesday after the RV show ended.  Last year’s concert was so successful, they moved it to the community center, seated about 800 per show and filled the room for 2 shows.

He and the other gentlemen do this to raise money for the local community.

The harmonica player on the right is a longtime friend from Paul’s early days.  It seems they played the bars in the Northeast and Canada.

Sheriff Dinner

The last dinner was the Sheriff Dinner – a potluck on Saturday evening.  During the rally one member is selected to act as the sheriff. The sheriff’s name is not revealed until the last day. The sheriff spots and compiles notes on people breaking the law.  In this case, it was Sheriff Anita Herrick’s laws that we were breaking.  Complete with Cowboy hat, boots, gun-belt (without gun) and badge, Sheriff Anita was a tough enforcer…..

We are proud to say we raised more than $140.00 for the Quartzsite Food-Bank.  In addition, we collected non-perishables which we delivered along with our “fines”.   Yea Roadrunners – THANKS TO ALL FOR YOUR GENEROSITY.

And of course Wendy being Wendy, we decided to redo the group photo op

One Last Photo op of everyone

Exit Time

But as the week wore on, it was time to pack up and get rolling.

Slowly the rigs began to pull out.

One by one…down the road they go.

And they continue to leave 

 We started out with 29 rigs at the rally, but very quickly was down to
Four and then two.

And then the only thing left was;


Susan and I hope you enjoyed this little newsletter of ours. 

Safe Travels from 

DaGirlsRv  "Della & Tilly"