Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Low Expectations BUT Big Results

Sunday morning we all awoke to sunny skies and off we went to Apopka Airport. This morning promised to be sunny with the wind picking up. Susan and I were both excited, Greg has been flying for many years now, and why not, he lives in sunny Florida where it is almost possible to fly every weekend.
In prepping the airplay there is many things that have to be done.
A shot of the plane in the hanger

 One is the removal of the plane from the hanger. 

We were all loaded up, safety check completed on the plane and passengers. 

And off we went. For those of you who remember the Space Shuttle and where it lands upon returning, let me tell you even from 3000 ft a 3 mile runway looks mighty small. And they only got one chance to get it right.

Susan is ever vigilant looking for other airplanes in the sky.  Plus she is looking for other beautiful sites. 

Such as this airial shot of Universal Studios

 One last run, can you guess were we were heading?

Well, it is time to head for the hanger as we have been out for over 2 hours,

Here are 2 links to other photos for your enjoyment.

Plane Ride 

DaGirls Rig from the Air

And the Finale....