Saturday, November 2, 2013

Plan B

On Friday we were off to Greg's Man Cave, his man cave started over 8 years ago when some $$ fell into his lap. One of his dreams was to fly, so off he went in search of the best instructor. Needless to say he found her. So before he knew it, with pilot license in hand, plane in the barn and a apartment/condo and hanger in hand, he has the best of 3 worlds.

Well since it rained on Saturday, so our plans for flying were put on hold.  So plan "B" was implemented. Plan B - off to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. The best way to describe this special event is to watch the Video link below. Copyrights Universal Studio.

Universal Studio Halloween Horror Night

In my opinion,  this should be put on your list of thing to do and see if you are in Orlando during this time of year.

Just a few photos of our evening.

O'h did I mention that Greg is part of our family? If I haven't yet, then, Yes he part of our close family

Safe Travels from
Dale, Susan and DaGirls