Saturday, November 16, 2013

Post Blogger

Today was a festival day, we went to the first annual Stuart Seafood Festival. We both commented that it will only get better. Even as we were leaving additional people were streaming in. Tickets were $7 @ the gate or $5 for advance purchase.

As you can tell by the title, it was a Fish / Seafood event. Plenty of vendors with special crafts related to the ocean along with food vendors:

Least we forget Eric and the Parrothead Party Group,  we thought of you when we saw these signs;

Of course this is for Dana – we spied a beagle taking a swim;

Even the police were on segways having a fun time

Least let us not forget those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us.  The event was hosted in Memorial Park, Stuart, FL

Anyway, this was a fun event although a little warm mid-day.  We kept our wrist bands on for the day in case we returned that evening, but we didn't make it.

Sorry for the very, very late post, time seems to have slipped away.  Retirement can keep us very busy, or everything we do takes longer as we grow older....

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