Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Port St Lucie Corp of Engineers

Location: COE Port St Lucie, Fl
Coordinates: 27.11042, -80.28513
Links to Photos: COE Port St Lucie
Satellite View:

Well, we made it after a harrowing 161 mile drive from Lake Louise SP outside of Clermont, Florida.
No, it was really not harrowing, just a little windy and Susan drove most of the way. I need to remember to take photos of her driving a 40 Ft rig. She shows how easy it is to do it. And really it is easy, just point it down the road, take it easy and drive.

What's the first thing we have to do when arriving? Of course, it is a requirement to take Della and Tilly to check out their new digs:

Morning after for Della's walk down the trail:

Our main reason for traveling here is to visit my father, sister and her family over in the Lake Worth area. We moved my dad 2 years ago today  (Nov 5).  Yes, 2 years ago today, Susan and Pop drove off into the sunrise on their way to Florida. He had decided it was time for him to move here, especially since we were planning on going full-time. He recently reach the age of 90 (Aug 23rd).

Of course he is older, but he still has the same smile:

Our plan was to have him come and stay with us or visit us here at the COE, well, as always plans do change and we have to be flexible. He has decided he has seen everything there is around here and decided not to come.

Well it is that time of morning, Della is looking at me and reminding me about our appointment outside, so we'll be seeing you later.

Safe Travels from DaGirls