Saturday, October 26, 2013

Woody and Anna Hill

Currently we are in the backyard of Woody's and Anna house. They live on about 20 acres outside of Lake Panasoffkee, Florida. They are really West of the lake in a wildlife area. This area has over 10,000 areas of wetlands, rivers and lakes all connected by canals.

Woody and Susan are related and they have always wanted to get together. Being here reminds us of boon docking in the forest except with hookups.

Here is a shot of their place:

In case you are wondering who is Anna and Woody:

On Saturday Woody took us out on his airboat for a ride in the area. In my opinion, it would be easy to get lost out in the wetlands.  (Susan) Air-boats and good hair days do not go together....

Here is a side shot of Woody as we rode along.

We did spot 2 gators, but the camera was not ready. Along the way, we spotted wildlife such as these turkeys, didn't spot any wild pigs, but lots in the area.

The crowning moment, came when Woody handed the controls of the airboat over to me. What a joy it was, this is a toy I could really like. Susan reminded me that we could not tow it behind the Rig.

While out in the area, Susan spotted a news paper delivery tube on an island where airboaters stop and sign in.  Story as told by Anna - before you can sign in you must remove your shirt and run around the tree.  Then you can put your shirt back on and sign in..... (Susan) Like that was going to happen!  But both Dale and I did run around the tree (in opposite directions).

She also was deep in thought with Woody on dry land.

Did I mention that this boat can go over land AND water.

So I leave you with this photo. You can see all the photos we took by going to the link below:

Photo Link

Safe and Happy travels from the DaGirls rig