Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day in Greenville South Carolina

The day started out cloudy. We arrived in Greer, SC., on Saturday around 1:30 pm. Don and Shari were expecting us and came out of their house quickly. Like how could they not hear the sound of a diesel in their front yard. After an introduction of Chance, Della and Tilly, we proceeded to setup in the neighbor's drive-way.

 Don and Shari 

We have to say, they are a wonderful couple who have opened their house and hearts to Susan and I. We truly enjoyed our time with them. We were sad to say goodbye, but all things will come to an end. On Wed we packed up and headed south to Atlanta, Ga. for the Good Sam Rally, more on that in a later post.

While in Greer we traveled to Greenville to spend the day enjoying the town.

We hit the town just as a food event was starting. The food vendors were setup and in high gear. The smells of the different aromas were great. We had a great time.

Anyway sorry for being late in getting this off.

Update to our stay in Greer. Don and Shari took us on a drive in the country, we stopped at the Greenville Wayside SP Upper and Lower Falls area. Nice hiking trails but please were the correct shoes. Shari wanted us to see the area so much she continue on even though her shoes were not correct for the trail. We want to thank them both for our wonderful time in Greer.

Greenville Wayside Park

Safe travels from the Da Girls Rv
Susan and Dale