Friday, October 11, 2013

Freightliner Gaffney, South Carolina

Today, prior to leaving Bandits Roost, due to the *&%) Government shutdown, by the way, I hope no-one is going to vote them back into office. Anyway I do not want to get started on that, back to my thoughts, since we were heading thru Gaffney, I decided to call Freightliner and see if we could get in for a few small items. I called ahead and Pat explained they were booked up to 1st of Nov. but suggested we stop in to see how daily schedule was moving.  We arrived just before lunch time and decided to wait. Well when Pat arrived, she said as soon as you disconnect your tow vehicle, we will put your rig into the shop. It seems, they had completed a rig earlier, and did not want to start a new long job on Friday afternoon.

I was very impressed with the service and the people, I requested a new Air Dryer filter change and new Anti-swag bar bushing installed. This took 1 hour to complete at total cost of $260.

I must say, in the future, if we knew we are going to be in the area, we are making a appointment.

Sorry no photos, but we did meet David and Penny in there Alfa rig. They were in the process of getting ready for service. Nice rig and, of course, wonderful Alfa owners.

Since we only needed to travel less then 45 miles, we asked if we could stay the night and travel on Saturday to Greer, South Carolina.

Safe Travels from Da Girls Rv
Susan and Dale