Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bandits Roost COE at Wilkesboro NC

It's been a while since we have logged on. Our current location is COE Bandits Roost CG, located west of Wilkesboro, North Carolina. This one of the few national sites (Corp of Engineers) that is still open and is expected to close on Oct. 11.

On our way south down thru Va. (Oct. 4), we encountered a north bound traffic backup of over 5 miles. We noticed the department of public safety works the same as Arizona. THEY DO NOT DIVERT TRAFFIC OFF THE FREEWAY EARLY. If they had worked on this diversion, the backup and subsequent traffic jam would not have been so disruptive.

This COE CG  does not have volunteer campground hosts. They have 2 sets of gate attendants, 4 days on, 4 days off.

While here we attended the Brushy Mountain Apple Festival in North Wilkesboro.


On Sunday, Susan & I ventured out in the kayaks on the reservoir, this is a very large lake and makes for long kayak rides. Sunday night brought in over 1 inch of rain to the area, which brought the lake up over 1 foot. Susan retied the kayaks to a higher point.

While we were out in the lake Susan spotted a bald eagle flying over our heads and landing in a tree.
The last (2) days brought about low temperatures at night which leads to fog and mist arising from the water in the morning.

Anyway Susan and I are heading to town for supplies, we have to admit, this is a relaxing atmosphere. We have become accustomed to the quietness during the day.

We also identified 2 problems areas on the rig: 1 is the living room slide awning. It was mounted 1.5 inches too low. I will have to relocate the awning rails. The other is the Atwood door, shims were not re-installed correctly. This one will take a little thinking before I do something to it.

Brushy Mountain Apple Festival

Bandits Roost COE CG

GPS: 36.12313, -81.24525
WiFi: Verizon 3G
Cell Phone: AT&T
Paw Friendly: Yes, except for the beach
Sites: Big Rig friendly

Satellite: Some sites heavily wooded
TV: NBC, and independent.