Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Montpelier Vermont

We are dry camping at Elk's Lodge #924 Golf Course in Montpelier. Our view is of the ninth hole looking up the mountain. The lodge is located at:

203 Country Club Rd, Montpelier, VT 05602-4512.

A look from the 3rd hole down to the club house

We decided to stay 3 days here even though the temperature has dropped into the 50's and 40's at night. The members of the lodge are wonderful and pleasant to talk to. While here, we decided to do our laundry. We found a small shop where the manager was very helpful and friendly. While waiting, we decided to walk around town and visit with people. It seems strange, but the town folks seem the same when I used to travel thru on my way to the paper mills in Maine. I swear, nothing  has changed especially in the smaller towns. For a brief overview of Montpelier open the link below.

Montpelier Link

The following photos are just a sneak view of what you can see here:

I call this one Art over Water

The town center where everything happens.

I really do not think they are Skinny.

Before I leave you, reflect on the following photo, this reminds me of a time where my life was simple and easy. It reminded me of the travels thru this area, people I met and enjoyed, places I visited. A much simpler time. I truly believe that is why, Susan and I have chosen to embrace the full-timing life. Life is simpler in an RV, less toys and stuff to worry about and no house to maintain.  We see we do not  need the toys, large house, or the clutter which we surrounded ourselves with. This is truly a much simpler life.

So I leave you here to reflect on a much simpler life.

Happy travels,

Blue collar worker, working in a white collar world.