Friday, September 27, 2013

Bangor, Me

We left Dolly Copp NF on Thursday, Sept. 27th. We traveled the 150 miles in about 4 hours with a stop along the way, next to the Kennebec River east of Skowhegan. Skowhegen, Me.

While there we met Rita and Roy,  traveling in their RoadTrek Rv, I love this compact unit. This is a great boon-docking vehicle. R&R are from Iowa and traveling around before going down to Fla. to stay for part of the winter months. The neat thing is they were coming from Acadia NF and going to Dolly Copp while we were coming from Dolly Copp and heading to Acadia NF. Of course, we exchanged emails and looked at each other rigs.

We are staying at the Elks Lodge while in Bangor. We are planning a family outing to the Acadia NF for the day along with the girls. Staying at the Elks is not for the faint of heart as it sits a across the street from the Airport. Open time is 5am to 11 pm. So it does get noisy.

Our outing was great, we spent all day in the Acadia NF. The forest, views of the Atlantic Ocean, and Sandy Beach. I think everyone enjoyed the beach to the fullest.

Susan and I have decided that we would like to come back to spend at least a week at the NF CG. The hiking trails along with the beach area is a lovely place to spend time. This is an area that deserves extra time. We think the best time would be the off season, even though it does get chilly.

Happy travels along your life