Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dolly Copp National Forest Campground

Susan and I have returned to our roots. We are boon docking in the White Mountain National Forest CG. This campground has well over 100 spots, yet there are only 3 camp host and less then a dozen campers. We are located in a spot well away from everyone. This so reminds us of the Apache-Sitgraves NF in Arizona. Dolly Copp NF: Dolly Copp NF CG

We are very close to the Mount Washington Observatory. To see the weather click on the link: Mount Washington

Now we do not expect it to be that cold, however we expect to see mid 30's to mid 40's tonight. We are home. Even Della feels right at home

Stream just for Della

We are getting closer to fall colors, the more we travel northeast, the more different colors we see, as note in the photos above.

So we leave you now to enjoy the splendid colors:

Link to additional photos
Picasa photos
We woke up to 44 degrees F, this morning, Della and I did our morning walk together. No wild life to see as of yet, but many sites are very friendly for DaGirls rig. Later on we will get into describing the sites and rating them. We do have cell phone service, but only 3G.

Susan and I were thinking, the only real thing missing are friends, Beth & David

Happy traveling Dale