Sunday, September 29, 2013

Saugus, Ma

We left Bangor and did a straight run to Saugus, Ma Elks Lodge, except for a liquor stop in NH. Seems the no-state tax along with low prices make for a wonderful resupply area. Along the way we refueled with $3.86 per gal Diesel along I-95 / I-295. Susan did most of the driving, and I did the driving into Saugus and to the Elks lodge

Location: Elks Lodge #642 in Saugus, Ma.

Date: Sept 28, 2013

RV: Electric and water is available if needed, as we are self contained, we choose to dry camp.

The members are really extra nice people, if you stop in, say hello to Brian / Lisa Bar Tenders. But a special hello to Bill, retired Lobster fisherman.

We woke to early Sunday morning fog.

On Sunday we drove the car into Boston, and started from Bunker Hill Monument. Yes we walked the 294 steps to the top for the view. From there we followed the Liberty Trail (red line) cross the river into Boston. 

Susan and I made it to the top,
We saw the many  sites and special  places related to the revolutionary war. There are many  opportunities for taking tours, both walking and riding. Transportation is easy to arrange.

Along the way we took some very interesting photos, including a motorcycle group dressed in suits, including one man driving a motor scooter. 

Later Sunday afternoon we went to the Saugus Iron Works, this was the start of the iron revolution in the US. Among the photos are Susan and I in front of 2 very large bellows. They were powered by water wheels to inject air into the fire to create the high temperatures needed to turn the Iron bog into molten metal.

Anyway enjoy the photos;

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Saugus Iron Works

We hope you enjoy the photos along the way.

Safe travels Dale