Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Alfa - Work & Training

So, when Will and Karen arrived at Palm Creek (Dec 2017), they had a problem with the Atwood Electric Level Leg with Sensor. So, who do they call? Well not Ghost Busters, but you guess it me, the Alfa buster. 

As of right know I am the expect in the Level leg construction and why the legs themselves have problems. After hemming and hawing around, Will got me to remove the one jack, and then I dis-assembled it, and found a bad jack-screw assembly and no way to repair it. 

Bummer, as a new 7.5 K 15 inch travel was over $1000. In our search we found a new 7.5 K 13 inch travel was $399. Hum? What to do. Well, Will order 2, new 13 inch travel legs and on Tuesday, after helping him replace his engine batteries (4 years old and out of warranty), I went to work on replacing the legs.

The passenger side went quickly, the driver's side well, I told him, he should be glad I did not unfriend him. However I now have a process for removal and re-installation. making the job better for a 1 person.

In all, his level system is now operational and the coach will now start. In all I was there from 10 am, until 2 pm. 

My best approach is to better understand, I need to work on someone else Rv so I can learn these systems.

Photos you might ask? No, I did not have room for a camera underneath the Rv. 

I next item I will do for him is combined his batteries and rewire his Pathmaker eliminating 1 or 2 cables.

Also on my agenda, is helping 2 Alfa owners install 1200 watts of solar. This will be a boom to them as they both want to reduce generator usage while dry-camping. I have made some changes in my drawings for this operation and now almost have it down to a plug and play. Notice I said almost, as there still is some drilling, screwing and removing some excess material. 

Oh,, I forgot to say the best news for last. Will and Karen, have decided to sell there house in Utah, and go Full-time while they downsize and find there Plan B home. You may ask why?   It was not talking to me, but there life style has changed and they like the programs at Palm Creek. With so many activities to do, they now find themselves with little time left over. 

Ok, some I am done with this post. Except for this last saying;

Happy Valentine to  my beautiful wife Susan.


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