Saturday, February 10, 2018

Running of the Gourds

So, this being Saturday, we decided to head over to the Pinal County Fair grounds for the Gourd Festival.

Both of us never realized, just what you can do with these gourds.

While we were there, Susan stated she would have to buy one, if, that is if, we could find one as a roadrunner.

Now to keep you up to date, we have been talking about a lot in the Foothills area of Yuma, Az. We decided to make a few calls, and we can across this lot:

Press Here 

So, we have decided to make an offer and after discussions, the owners have decided to accept our offer. Now this does not mean, we will leave the Rover’s Roost Area, after all we have too many friends in the area. Plus a storage unit and of course between Tucson and Phoenix.

As I was writing this, everything has been confirmed by Email. Electronic signatures, ain't it great. 
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