Saturday, May 28, 2016

BCC Problems

Ok, so recently, well actually on Friday, May 26th, to be exact we had a problem with DaGirls Rv. Let me go back to the beginning.

We arrived at The Oaks at South Point, just south of Yemassee, SC. We arrived after about a 5 hour drive from Saint Augustine, Fl.

We checked in, arranged for our site and settled in. Just as we were finishing up, I noticed the awning would not go out. I remembered this morning it was slow coming in and thinking to myself I would have to check it out later. Well this was later, but we did not need it, so I let it go. I then noticed that the seat motors (Captain) were not working. Then the front blinds were having a slow time also. So now became later.

First checked the chassis batteries, voltage good. Then off to the dash area where I went to look at the BCC, knowing that I had replaced a relay in early 2015.

So, once up and looking, the first thing I noticed was a burnt area under a hex screw. This screw provides chassis power from the disconnect relay to the BCC. I removed the screw and noticed it was loose, and not only loose but a small piece had been bitten out. How you may ask? By the screw arching to the board. All because it was loose.

So, wire brush and fine sand-paper, I was able to repair the screw and clean and repair the circuit board. A mighty fine trouble-shooting if I do say so myself. 


You might ask, what about the after photos. Well I forgot, but let me say this. Items are working now that were slow including the window shades. So see what happens after a screw loosens? Always look for the simple things, but it really helps if you have made a habit of reading up on how your Alfa works.
Della always knows what to say.

"That's my story and I'm sicking to it"
“SeeYa, Safe and Happy Journeys”
"DaGirls Rv, Me, Della, Susan & Tilly"