Monday, June 30, 2014

Getting back to the Blog

Sitting here at the table and thinking I should get back to work on the blog. Workwise not a lot has been going on. But Alfawise we have been busy. We have decided to replace the current floor, which includes removing the tile. As some people realize, the tile is installed with some heavy glue. This requires breaking the tile and then using a grinder to remove the remaining pieces.

Pictures tell a thousand words, but within 8Hrs we had it all up and out of the coach. We did a pretty good job of mitigating the dust.

After working on it we took off for another trip on the wildlife loop trail. You can check out what we came across in the video below.

 Today was another trip into Rapid to pick up supplies.  On our way back we came across these little 4 legged ones across from the park office.

Safe Travels from DaGirls.
Susan, Dale, Della and Tilly