Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Victoria Island British Columiba

The last time we posted, we had just completed a day trip to Seattle, Washington. Since then we completed our look around Sequim, Port Angeles, Chimacum and the surrounding areas.

Looking back, we were just to far away from Seattle to make another foray back into town.

Since then, we have now crossed into Vancouver Island. Our spot for the week is 80 Km north of Victoria City. Quite a hike from our normal location. This means 2.5 hours round trip, and close to 100 miles. So a 6 hour visit into Victoria turns into a 8 to 9 hour journey. Looking back, we should have found a closer spot as we will be putting miles and adding gasoline to the truck. Thinking we were saving a few dollars will cost us more in the end. So, be wise, stay close to town and then move out to another location.

Since we are on Verizon, and in Canada, we have to be careful in our data usage. Unlimited/24 Gigs does not mean the same while we are here. Verizon allocate/limits you if you go over a certain amount each day. So plan ahead. Photos will be little if none until we get back into USA.

I'll see what I can do later.

Our ferry crossing, we disconnected, Susan in truck and me in the Rv. Little strange, but follow the instructions from the parking person and you will be find. Prior to disembarking, look carefully at satellite views of where you are going, check your map and ensure you have desinitation in your GPS. Including your location for connecting back up. We selected May Fair Mall, traffic, was busy, construction on road but in all people were nice about a big rig on the road.

Our location? Well this is a camping spot and not a destination. Families and long term people come here. Heavily treed, no satellite, fee for Dakota & Tilly. As stated earlier 78 Km from Victoria City, 10 Km to nearest small town (Chemainus), and 24 Km to a bigger town (Duncan). So plan carefully.

I will catch up with what we have been doing and seeing later.

In the mean time

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