Sunday, October 8, 2017

The first day of AIBF is done and over with, and a busy day it was.

Our day started out, around, 4 pm, getting up and prepping to leave, that is I was leaving, Susan wanted to stay at the Rv, and see the balloons from here.

I went to the field and went to find Don and Robin. Susan and I crewed for them last year and they were returning once again to AIBF. It is so fun to be on a crew, as the excitement from the balloons and crew. I stayed and helped for awhile and  then went off to shoot some-photos.

I went to the Navigators tent, checked in on Jane, and a few others of our group who were driving shuttle carts this year. Once done and coffee, I took off for the Rv, and got home just in time to help out with a Balloon that landed right behind us. Susan was already working with them and she had been  on the Rv roof taking photos, many of them of.

But as soon as he was wrapped up, pack up and gone, Lilly, dropped by and decided to stay awhile.

We received pins, Bob, received coffee, sweet rolls and beer (not to drink yet).

Press Here - AIBF Balloon Photo Link

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