Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wrapping up Western Colorado

So, let's wrap up Western Colorado, and yes i know it has been a while, but we have been having too much fun, and yes I should have posted this early June, somewhere around  the 9th, I think. But at least I am getting it done.

Once we left Moab, we headed to Palisades, Co., just east of Grand Junction. We were invited to stop by and visit Donna & Dan Thorn at her father and mother's house.  When we arrived we were shown where the water and a dump was nearby, but no power. But hey no issue for DaGirls as we had our generator and a quiet spot away from everyone. 

We still continue our walks in the morning, which we had started in the Tall Pines of Az., and even though the weather was heating up we just left earlier. We took 1 day off and headed to Grand Mesa. We heard that the Mesa was over 10,000 feet and was in the National Forest. This gave us a chance to check it out for boon-docking. We spied some likely places, but only during the non-busy season. The areas we wanted to get to, were still closed due to the late snow in May. 

So we will have to come back and investigate the area again. 

Once we left, we headed southeast on Hwy 50, this would lead us thru Montrose, Gunnison, Salida, Canyon City and Monarch Pass, which stands at 11,312 Ft. So, how did DaGirls do? Easy as we took it slow. There were many turnouts and passing lanes, which we made use of. When vehicles were not behind us? I just moved over to the left lane away from the outside lane. When I saw a vehicle coming up, I moved back to the right.

However I do have to back up, as we were going to boon dock, but due to the heat we stayed west of Canyon City on a spot next to the Arkansas river. We were still over 6,000 ft, and night time temps were in the 50's with a good breeze. 

In the morning we headed to the Royal Gorge. The previous day, we stopped in to see it and when we found out it was dog friendly, we decided to come back the next day with Dakota & Tilly.

As you can see Royal Gorge is Dog friendly.

We were going to spend the day in Canyon City, but decided to continue on, even though Dakota wanted us to stop for a Dairy Queen. Sorry Dakota. 

Our final stop was in Las Animas, Co.  This is where Eric's mother now lives. Rose, Susan & I are close friends and grandparents and we enjoyed our visit with her for the afternoon.. 

Our present position in just inside Kansas. Where we are hunker down due to the  heat and high winds. We located a Fair Ground just inside Garden City, Ks. We were not expecting to stay, this long, but with the wind and heat, we choose 50 amp power and water over boondocking for now. Once everything settles down, we'll head back to Co., hopefully we will start the eastern / central side of Colorado. But, as you know, the direction can always change due to the weather.

Dakota & Tilly DaGirls Rv,
Safe Travels and Journeys
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