Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Where is DaGirls Rv

Well, it has been an exciting and non-eventful week since I last reported in. Since the last report we have spent time with Barb and Sid Zielke, visited with Susan’s adult children, visited with the grandchildren, and have arrived over in Bremen, IN.
Many of you will remember the summer of 2013, this is when we re-sided and full body painted DaGirls Rv. Since then we have had some issues which Susan and Paul (Precision Painting) have been in discussions which center on blistering of the remaining side end walls.  In 2013 only 1 of the 4 slide ends was done. At that time Susan requested all end walls be done, however Paul talked her into only doing the one with blisters. Well we are back and the 3 remaining ends are being reskinned/painted.
As I have reported in the past, I trust only 2 locations to do residing and painting, Precision Painting and McMiller Custom/Mike's. Both have integrity and honor. You cannot go wrong in choosing either of the companies to perform your work. The main key is be respectful of them and their employees, work within their time frame, which means you don’t just drop in, without first calling ahead, discussing your needs and making an appointment.
Dave, the group leader, has been with Paul many years, then there is Ryan (painter), Brian, Freman, Rodney and a returning employee Brian. All are highly skilled and trained.
The day was spent in removing and doing cleanup work on the end walls. As we guessed, we had water intrusion, which in my opinion, leads to the blistering and this water intrusion has led to the floor plywood having moisture also. With the inside demo completed, I spent time in cleanup and putting everything away, which needed to be removed to allow the side wall to be removed.
The next part is cleaning up the side walls to allow the gluing on of the new material. At which time it will be time to re-assemble everything and then prep for painting.  By observing I have learned a few tip-bits of info, especially in the removal and re-installing of our windows. Sandwiched between the frames is a butyl rubber gasket, which they replace when re-installing. This makes for a airtight fitting window.
One of the few repair items we listed was the door frame.  It was not rehung correctly in 2013. While this work will be going on, I plan on spending time in the evenings installing molding on the wall/floor to complete our summer project of replacing all flooring. Just got the bathroom done. Noq it is on to cleaning DaGirls Rv. Freman and Rodney got the end wall installed on the big slide, tomorrow will be the bedroom slide. Then it is all about putting the inside back together. 

Few photos of the demo

Happy Travels and Safe Journey 
from DaGirls Rv