Saturday, October 4, 2014

Back on Da Road Again

Well here we are back on the road again. After looking at the corrals and weather we decided to leave on Thursday instead of Friday. We made our choice based on weather and the conditions down at the corrals. So, we let everyone know that we would not be there. In a way I am glad, even though they are very humane in the treating of the buffalo, sometimes they will get hurt.

Photos of the Corral Workers - Press Here

Oh by the way, I now look at the buffalo in a different way. I may never eat another buffalo burger again.


Link to additional Photos - Press Here and Press Here

Also Round up day photos - Press Here 

Dawn came early with the sun shining brightly thru the skies. We made our goodbyes to the few people we saw and slowly headed out of the park.

Susan waving as we were leaving
One last shot

We stopped at the Heartland RV Park just off of 79 and 36 to refuel with propane, $3.15 a gallon. Then off to the Super "D" for diesel, where we refueled at $3.76 a gallon.  Fuel is definitely coming down.  Once on the road we headed east to Lake Vermilion Recreation area where Susan booked us a night with our free pass.

I forgot to tell you, we switched to Dish from Direct TV. It had gotten to the point I hated calling and working to get our service address switched. With Dish, all I have to do is Online Chat and it is easy as pie. Now I just have to relearn the system along with aiming the dish with new equipment.

We awoke to howling winds, seems a cold front moved in during the night.

What we saw at Cracker Barrel

After discussing, we decided to head out and see what happened. Well it took us an hour to go 15 miles, seems we had awning problems. We got the problem fixed at a Cracker Barrel in Sioux City, SD and decided to have breakfast. Just before we left, another Alfa pulled in beside us. After a few minutes talking with Dennis, we decided it was time to leave. Looking at the weather, we decided to head south instead of east, as the wind was blowing southeast. Going this direction, made it easier with gusting winds and failing awning. We arrived at the Moose Lodge in Newton around 6'ish. Due to the wind this made for 1 very long drive day.

One of the good thing is Diesel prices are coming down, lowest price has been $3.559.

Safe Travels and Journeys 


DaGirls Rv, 
"Della & Tilly"